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Enhancing Retail Vibrancy

Building off of the findings of this analysis, six primary opportunities were identified to help North Capitol Main Street guide the growth and vitality of the area while helping businesses adapt to a changing competitive context and attract additional customers from outside the surrounding community.

The six key opportunities can be sorted into three primary categories, addressing the following three goals.


Attract More Customers From Outside of the Neighborhood

CAPTURE A LARGER PORTION OF DOWNTOWN DC AND CAPITOL HILL COMMUTERS traveling by car, bus, or bike along North Capitol Street via targeted advertising, signage, and parking collaboration with NoMa.

PROVIDE MARKETING TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE to local businesses to help them adjust to changing markets and attract new customers. Help is particularly needed with social media, print advertising, and marketing strategies.


Help Area Small Businesses Compete within DC’s Changing Citywide Context

HELP FILL VACANT RETAIL SPACES by providing leasing assistance and support to commercial brokers, building owners, and investors and help communicate the competitive advantages of doing business in the North Capitol Street area.


Improve the Physical Character of North Capitol

ENHANCE STREETSCAPE CONDITIONS to improve pedestrian-friendliness and create a stronger sense of place by finding partners and potential funders for additional greenery, public art, sidewalk renovations, new signage, and connectivity to the NoMa Metro station.

ADDRESS SAFETY CONCERNS expressed by local business owners to reduce property crime, personal crime, and disruptive loitering along North Capitol Street.

SUPPORT PROPOSED AND FUTURE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS to enhance commercial density, provide new amenities, and increase the local customer base and day-time population.

Importantly, new construction will convert some of the area’s most blighted properties into assets as well as provide modern, retail-ready spaces that can attract tenants that might not consider locating in older or less traditional retail spaces.