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The holidays are here on NorthCap!

NorthCap’s got everything you need to celebrate the season!

  1. Host a Gathering
    Have your holiday gathering on NorthCap! Boundary Stone, Big Bear Café, Creative Grounds, and The Pub & The People are great places to bring friends and family together.
  2. Toast the Season
    Ring in the New Year with a champagne toast, share a bottle of natural wine, or craft a holiday cocktail. Sunset (Sohal) Wines & Spirit, Bloomingdale Wines & Spirits (1836 1st St NW), Big Ben Liquor (1300 NorthCap NW), Best One Liquor, and Domestique have got you covered.
  3. Non-Traditional Dinners
    Break tradition and put some international flavors on your table. Cater your dinner from Jam Doung Style, Glassey, or Aroi Thai. Or, go barbeque with DCity Smokehouse or Supreme Barbeque.
  4. Gift Differently
    Give a one-of-a-kind find from The Flea Market Store, contemporary art from 11:Eleven Gallery, or authentic African art from Jankara.
  5. Fresh Formal Wear
    Take your tuxedos and gowns to Fresh Dry Cleaners, Amax Cleaners (1821 1st St. NW), and S&S City Cleaners (84 RIA NW) to get ready for your black-tie holiday affairs.
  6. You + Guests = Snacks
    Grab your favorite treats from DC Mini Mart, Rafael Grocery (233 Florida Ave. NW), T&G Grocery (1727 NorthCap NE), or Grab ‘n Go Convenience Store (1426 NorthCap NW).
  7. Entertain Out-of-Town Guests
    Show your out-of-towners a good time by catching a live show at The Pocket or a DJ at Showtime Bar. Grab a take-home COVID test from North Capitol Pharmacy to honor safety protocols.
  8. You’re So Over Cooking
    After a late night of shopping and holiday partying, you’re not getting up to make breakfast. Let Uncle Chip’s or Sylvan Cafe handle that for you. Or, skip straight to lunch and order wings from Kochix or pizza from Bacio or NoMA Pizza.
  9. Holiday Happy Hour
    Finally catch up with those folks you’ve been meaning to catch up with. Grab a drink at El Camino, Truxton Inn, établi, or Hopscotch.
  10. Get Picture Perfect
    Primp for holiday photos at Fiddleheads Salon, Fresh Cut Barbers, 1st Street Haircut, or Hair Secrets Braiding. You can also get a festive nail design at Glamour Nails.
  11. Gift Cards, Of Course!
    Many NorthCap businesses such as Republic Cantina, Meats & Foods, and Yoga District Bloomingdale are offering gift cards. Some, like The Red Hen, include a bonus when you purchase a certain amount of gift cards.